Annual General Meeting 2016

Notice of AGM at Canolfan Soar, Pontmorlais. Tuesday 14 June 2016

  1. Welcome & Apologies
  2. Minutes of AGM 30 June 2015 for approval
  3. Branch Accounts 2015-2016 for approval
  4. Nominations: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
  5. Fees per meeting 2016 for approval

NOTE: All branch members are deemed to constitute a Branch Committee for any such purposes; for approval

Meeting timed to finish by midday, preceded and followed if necessary, by a Branch Summer De-clutter at the Morlais Rooms, Canolfan Soar from 10:30am

Minutes of Merthyr Tydfil WEA Branch AGM, held at Canolfan Soar 30 June 2015 at 10:45 am

Present: Huw Williams (Chair) and 20 members

  1. Chair welcomed all to the meeting and accepted apologies on behalf of Leane Saunders (SE Regional Ofice, WEA) and Jacqui Nutt-Davies
  2. Minutes of AGM 12 February 2014 were accepted and approved
  3. Accounts for 2014-2015 were accepted and approved
  4. Proposed that a class fee per session, in light of Canolfan Soar having increased its room rental by 50% per hour from April 1st, be raised to £3 per student; proposed by Andrea Heggie, seconded by Barbara Melksham. Accepted
  5. Nominations: Lyndon Humphries proposed that all officers be returned en bloc for the forthcoming year: Unanimously accepted. Huw Williams as Chair; Ceinwen Statter as Vice-Chair; Viv Pugh as Secretary. Proposed by Andrea Heggie, seconded by Ceinwen Statter, that Barbara Melksham be nominated as Treasurer. Accepted.

Meeting finished at 11:15am

Presentation of Accounts 2015-2016


  • £ 414.90 autumn classes 2015
  • £ 555.70 spring classes 2016
  • £ 450.00 summer classes
  • £ 189.02 balance at 30 June 2015
  • Total: £ 1,608.02


  • £ 630.00 room rentals September 2015 - June 2016
  • £ 193.00 miscellaneous tutors' expenses
  • £ 65 photocopying
  • £ 36.99 WEA Merthyr Tydfil website
  • £ 10.00 branch affiliation fee to WEA Cymru per annun
  • £ 28.60 buffet at Canolfan Soar
  • Total: £ 966.50

Balance at 14 June 2015

  • £ 641.43

Activities, 2015-16: By Huw Williams, Branch Chair

The branch has been very active over this year and has attracted a wide range of students and interested members of the public. Such are considered to be members of WEA Merthyr Tydfil where there is no joining fee, just a commitment to the abiding principles of WEA Cymru. Thus membership of this branch is deemed to be at just over fifty. All have shown a thirst for lifelong learning at Merthyr Tydfil and WEA Merthyr Tydfil is so pleased that classes have continued at Canolfan Soar, the Welsh language centre at Pontmorlais.

Guest speakers have vied with Huw Williams, branch chairperson, in offering classes on a range of historical topics, in summer term 2015, autumn 2015 and spring term 2016, with the prospect of a further extension planned into summer 2016. The branch also brokered in conjunction with LLAFUR, the Welsh History Society, a Keir Hardie Day School at the beginning of February 2016, in commemoration of the centenary of his death, September 2015. Over seventy were in attendance at the Old Town Hall / Red House that day. The branch and the Soar venue also take it in rotation to host the South East Regional Forum meetings of WEA and the branch sends representation to meetings and the AGM.