Annual General Meeting 2017

Notice of AGM at Canolfan Soar, Pontmorlais. Tuesday 23 May 2017

  1. Welcome & Apologies
  2. Minutes of AGM 14 June 2016 for approval
  3. Branch Accounts 2016-2017 for approval
  4. Nominations: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer

NOTE: All branch members are deemed to constitute a Branch Committee for any such purposes; for approval

Minutes of Merthyr Tydfil WEA Branch AGM, held at Canolfan Soar 14 June 2016

Present: Huw Williams (Chair) and 18 members

  1. Chair welcomed all to the meeting; there were no apologies received
  2. Minutes of the AGM for 30 June 2015 were accepted and approved
  3. The accounts for 2015-16 were received and approved after explanation from HW
  4. Nominations were opened by Chair and the following were unanimously re-elected: Chair: Huw Williams; Vice-Chair: Ceinwen Statter; Secretary: Viv Pugh; Treasurer: Barbara Melksham. Chair reminded the meeting that the whole membership was deemed to form the Branch Committee for any and such purposes

Meeting finished at 11:40am

Presentation of Accounts 2016-2017


  • £ 648.75 autumn & spring classes 2016-17
  • £ 635.43 balance (adjusted) at 14 June 2016
  • Total: £ 1,284.18


  • £ 300.00 room rentals autumn-sprint terms, 2016-17
  • £ 66.99 photocopying
  • £ 75.25 cafe cwtsh expenses
  • £ 10.00 branch affiliation / renewal to ALW
  • £ 39.99 branch website renewal
  • £ 435.00 tutors' expenses
  • Total: £ 926.93

Balance at April 2017

  • £ 357.25

Chair's Report 2016-17: By Huw Williams, Branch Chair

The branch has been superbly active in the past twelve months since the annual general meeting of last June: reflected in constant and enthusiastic attendances - sometimes topping thirty- attracting a range of nationally-recognised speakers, generating an income source of over £1,000, offering a dedicated website and more than contributing to the well-being of Adult Learning Wales on a regional and national basis as well as a constant support to Canolfan Soar.

There have been more guest speakers this past two terms reflected in the higher tutors’ expenses on the balance sheet but it does say a lot for Merthyr Tydfil and Canolfan Soar, to attract guest lecturers from afar, not to mention committed attendances from several members, again coming from afar. Chair gave notice a few months ago that he will no longer act as lead tutor for these classes; so the whole membership in consultation with ALW regional office are charged with the future continued activity of this branch.